Regular Slotted Containers (RSC)

The RSC can be used for a variety of products and is the most common box style. All flaps have the same length and the two outer flaps (normally the lengthwise flaps) are one-half the container's width, so they meet at the center of the box when folded.

Half Slotted Containers (HSC) with Lid

Half slotted containers are similar to regular slotted containers except that they have only one set of flaps. The opposite side of the box is open, which allows it to slide over an item. Stacked on its side, the extra thickness provides added stacking strength.

Full Overlap Slotted Container (FOL)

All flaps are the same length (approximately the width of the box). When closed, the outer flaps come within one inch of complete overlap. The style is especially resistant to rough handling. Stacked on its bottom panel, the overlapping flaps provide added cushioning. Stacked on its side, the extra thickness provides added stacking strength.

Double Cover Boxes (DC)

This style is frequently used for tall or heavy products that would be difficult to lower into a box. The item is placed on the bottom cover and the shell is lowered over the product. This style is also used for granular and other free-flowing products. When the number of articles or quantity of products varies, the tube can be cut down to the level of the contents.

Roll End Tuck Top

These are simple unglued boxes that need to be folded when assembled. These are great for shipping narrow items.

Die Cut Custom

These are custom corrugated boxes developed to exact specifications depending on customer requirements. Boxmaster can manufacture custom boxes with FULL color, available in all styles and custom sizes.

Corrugated Trays

Corrugated Trays are basically trays to hold other objects. They are advantageous when product visibility and easy handling are of prime importance.


Partitions are used as void fill and structural support, and can be manufactured to fill just about any space.